How To Choose A Perfect Polypropylene Document Wallet?

Hi everyone, thank you for looking at this post. My name is Catherine and work at an office stationery manufactory for many years.

The polypropylene document wallet now widely uses in so many places, it made from High-quality Polypropylene material, the snap closure can help protect your items from spills and moisture, you can quickly and easily organize your coupons, tickets, magazine, paperwork, photos, documents, bills, receipts, craft projects, small toys, gift wrap, gift cards, crayons, car console, puzzles and so on.

How can you choose the right one? Let’s have a look and choose the suitable one for you.

By transparency

Translucent colors, those folders are clear and you can easily get things in and out of them.

Solid colors, the colors can be useful when sorting things out.when you find an item or photo you’d like to use drop it in the appropriate folder. No more searching around. Great for trips, put your confirmation info, coupons, tickets, etc., place in your carry on. You’ll know right where to find them. Save a lot of time.

With Label Pockets

Each folder comes with a card on which you can write down your name, address, and phone number. The labels will make it easier for you to find the right paperwork.

Double Pocket Document Wallet

One folder came with two pockets, you can put your paper in another pocket for easy take out.

Elegant Design Document Wallet

Different embossed designs can use for different documents,with thick material and sturdy quality.

With Handles

Portable Design Ploy Document Bags, it is easy for you to do business outside and convenient for daily use.

With Colorful Printing

Choose By Size

A7 size plastic envelope,11.5X8cm,useful for important cards, name cards, coins, and so on.

A6 Size poly wallet,25X13cm,good for cheques,receipts.

A5 24X17cm Document Wallet for keep receipts,notebooks,ect

A4 Size File Envelopes 33X23.5cm With Snap Button for School Home Work Office Organization

FC Document Wallet 36X26cm for big size papers,documents

A3 Document Wallet 45.5X32.5cm keep painting papers,kids artwork papers,collections

A2 Plastic Document Wallet 65X46.5cm for paperwork, personal profiles, collection, newspapers

Now you must have the idea to choose what’s kind of document wallet, the customized design you can contact me, we’ll offer you the economical suggestion for you.